Why We Exist

There is no easy way to sugarcoat the truth.

Today’s tough economy spells bad news for public schools. Federal and state funding, even with local tax support, is no longer enough to provide the educational fundamentals required for our children to be competitive in the new global economy or to be fully productive citizens. As states across the country squeeze already tight public school budgets, school districts are forced to let important education programs go by the wayside. Pennsylvania, Bucks County and the Pennridge School District are not immune from these problems.

That’s why the Pennridge Community Education Foundation is standing up and speaking out for the Pennridge School District.

We have a story to tell of incredible people—parents, teachers, school and community leaders, and alumni—who commit their time and resources to assuring that a quality, public education is available to every child—regardless of family status or income:

This is a story of people who believe that a child’s capacities are not fixed at birth but grow, develop, and change with the child.
This is a story of people who know that it is the family and local community that shape our children’s learning from preschool to high school graduation day.
This is a story of people who believe that investing in childhood education is investing in the future of a community.

We are presented with a now-or-never scenario.

Our children don’t have the luxury of riding out these tough economic times in the hopes things will get better. Our children need an environment where they can dare to dream big dreams now.

Our foundation encourages outside-of-the-box thinking in order to create a new vision for public education. Such thinking is necessary to support the educational fundamentals required for our children to be competitive in the new global economy or to be fully productive citizens.

The classroom is evolving rapidly. Smart boards, in-house TV studios, and advanced computer hardware and software are changing how students learn and are expanding their exposure to a wider range of subjects. Public school districts not developing new sources of funding now will find it increasingly difficult to offer educational excellence and innovative programming in the future.

Founded in 2008, the Pennridge Community Education Foundation is a non-profit, public-private partnership dedicated to improving the future of public education in the Pennridge School District. The purpose of the PCEF is two-fold:

As a Fundraiser, we seek to provide funding for programs and projects that are in danger or can be no longer supported by the school district budget. This includes nurturing new partnerships with corporate and business organizations.
As an Advocate, we are change agents in the Pennridge community. As an advocate, we want you to know, understand, and contribute to our mission to provide first-rate education to the children of our community.

As a Fundraiser and an Advocate, the Pennridge Community Education Foundation is dedicated to:

Making our school district a place of 21st Century Teaching.
Enabling our children and youth to thrive with 21st Century Learning.
Strengthening our entire community by proving graduates with 21st Century Skills.

As the PCEF matures, we will be exploring additional exciting new ways of delivering innovative programs and services to our students, teachers and administrators, but we need YOU!

As a nonprofit community organization, the Pennridge Community Education Foundation relies on the donations of individuals and corporations to help us provide the Pennridge School District with financial resources to continue to keep vital educational programming in place for our children.

When parents, educators, community leaders and alumni pulled together to start the PCEF in 2008, our mission wasn’t just to re-invigorate education; it was to invest in our community’s future vitality.

At the Pennridge Community Education Foundation, we know we have the right people in the right place to make a real difference. We have a team that goes the extra mile, and we know our teachers, parents and children are grateful for that dedication. We are thankful for all the donors and volunteers for whom the PCEF is a way to live out their call to serve our youngest and most impressionable community members.

Join Us in Improving the Pennridge School District…

We are witnessing an exhilarating grass-roots phenomenon among those who care about the future of public education in this country. Charitable investments from donors like you make a vital impact on our ability to address today’s needs and challenges confronting our community’s children.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to help continue our work. The need has never been greater. Talk to a PCEF representative to find out more how your gift will not only make a vital difference to the quality public education of our children but to the entire Pennridge area’s prosperity and quality of life.