Committee Structure

Board members serve on committees where most of our work and planning occur. We also pitch in at events throughout the year.

All PCEF members serve on a variety of committees according to their talents and interests and according to the organization's needs. Below are the current committees and their members:


  • Kathy Donovan and Robyn Black-Rapp


  • Tracy McGinty​, Bob Hipp, and ​Joe Ferry

A Lovely Evening

  • Christine Yardley, Bob Hipp, and ​Joanne Mathiasen

Spelling Bee​

  • Bob Hipp, ​Christine Yardley, Joanne Mathiasen​, and Becky Schlotter

Education Improvement Tax Credit Program​

  • Aaron Landis​, Tom Rutter​, and Bob Hipp

​Classroom Innovation Grants Program

  • Kathy Donovan, Joanne Mathiesen​, Becky Schlotter​, and Ron Smith